Spalted Maple Bowl

While I was learning to turn bowls on a lathe, one of the woodshop foremen brought a block of spalted maple from his backyard for me to practice turning.  Especially given this was just a throwaway piece of wood, the bowl turned out really cool looking!

Decorative Trays

These decorative trays are made of redwood (Christmas tree) and walnut (Tennessee) and are both finished with clear shellac.  They make perfect coffee table trays or perhaps a candy dish in the holiday season!

Floating Corner Shelves

In our kitchen, we have a big open space for an eat-in table.  We thought the corner would be a great place to put our wine rack and I thought this would be a perfect place to add some floating shelves!  The shelves are made of white oak and finished with stain and polyurethane.

Condiment Caddy

I made this condiment caddy for my wife and I to use during the summer while we grill outside!  It's the perfect size to fit a handful of bottles (ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc.) so we can easily carry everything to eat outside on our patio furniture while we grill.  The caddy is made of ash

Alphabet Blocks

I made alphabet blocks and a storage box for my nephew's first birthday.  The consonant blocks are quarter sawn sycamore and the vowels are Red Wood.  The box is made of Sapele. The letters were created with a wood burning tool and everything was simply finished with clear shellac (baby safe!).  

Bandsaw Jewelry Box

  This jewelry box was made from a solid block of laminated walnut, maple, and cherry. It is otherwise known as a "bandsaw" box, as this is the primary tool used in construction. The drawer is lined with felt.

Pen/Pencil Holder

This pen/pencil holder is made from spalted maple (sides) and machichi (base).


This was my first time turning anything on a lathe.  I took a pen turning course at the Parks and Rec Woodshop and this is what I ended up with!  I was very happy with the result.  

Coffee Table

This coffee table was a PROCESS.  My wife and I really wanted a neat centerpiece for our new living room and we thought the modern design of this really matched our taste.  What I didn't know, when I was picking out wood for this, was that maple is almost impossible to get a dark black

Three-Shelf Cherry Bookcase

This is the second bookcase that almost matches the first.  This bookcase is the larger of the two.  It has three shelves and is the same height as the first, just wider.  Another difference is I did the front of this using half blind dados, so you can't see the shelf come through the front

Two-Shelf Cherry Bookcase

I am building two bookcases for our offices at home.  Both are made out of cherry and have a similar style.  This one is the smaller of the two.  It has two shelves, is 26" wide and 35" high.  I finished the bookshelf simply with teak oil, to bring out the natural pink/red of the

End Tables

Second on the list was to create a couple of small end tables for our basement setup.  These were made out of sassafras wood.  I've never worked with this wood before, but it  was actually incredibly pungent!  it smelled like strong fresh herbs while I cut it.  I stained it from its natural color in the end.

Black Walnut Table

My third major project was building a table to put in the master bedroom.  This table was specifically built to hold our TiVo and DVD player.  This was built out of black walnut.  I loved the natural color of the wood, so I only put a clear coat of shellac on top to highlight the

Oak Bench

Pushing the limits of my woodworking skills, I built a bench out of red oak. I was extremely pleased with the result! It is happily displayed at the foot of my bed. [pwaplusphp album="RedOakBench"] Comment on the pictures here!