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Computational Ferrying: Challenges in Deploying a Mobile High Performance Computer

Mobile devices are often expected to perform computational tasks that may be beyond their processing or battery capability. Cloud computing techniques have been proposed as a means to offload a mobile device’s computation to more powerful resources. In this paper, we consider the case where powerful computing resources are employed on a vehicle, thus they

Offload Destination Selection to Enable Distributed Computation on Battlefields The tactical edge (battlefields, disaster relief operations, etc.) is an ideal domain for utilizing mobile devices for computation. However, these situations require jobs to complete in a timely manner. Efficiently offloading computation can ensure timely job completion, but access to cloud computing infrastructure is typically limited, unreliable, or unavailable. As an alternative, we propose

Filling Large Holes in LiDAR Data By Inpainting Depth Gradients

We introduce a technique to fill large holes in LiDAR data sets. We combine concepts from patch-based image inpainting and gradient-domain image editing to simultaneously fill both texture and structure in a LiDAR scan. We discuss the problems with directly inpainting a depth image, and present a solution to this problem based on inpainting the