A Greedy Patch-based Image Inpainting Framework

Click here to see the full publication. We present a system for filling holes in an image by copying patches from elsewhere in the image. These patches should be a good continuation of the hole boundary into the hole. There is typically no “right answer” as we are extrapolating image data into an unknown region.

Poisson Editing in ITK

Click here to see the full publication. Two very related problems in image processing are hole filling and compositing. This article explains an implementation of similar algorithms to solve both of these problems - poisson editing and poisson cloning; both algorithms were presented by Perez in “Poisson Image Editing”.

Improving the speed and quality of research via shared algorithm implementations

I wrote an article for the March 2011 Edition of IEEE GOLDRush magazine. (Hosted locally for redundancy) A short summary of the article is: "Sharing and dissemination of ideas throughout a research field is absolutely critical. Recently, algorithms have become quite complex and ideas are tightly coupled to their implementations. The ability to share and

A Synthetic LiDAR Scanner for VTK

David Doria, "A Synthetic LiDAR Scanner for VTK". The Kitware Source Magazine, January 2010 The Kitware Source is a quarterly magazine published by Kitware about their open source products. Each January they run a special issue which features the strongest submissions over the last 12 months. My work was featured in the January 2010 edition,